Hi Growthbook Team! Thanks for your great efforts...
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Hi Growthbook Team! Thanks for your great efforts into this product; can’t wait to get it to production and start experimenting! I have a couple of questions, that I couldn’t find answers for: • Is a feature required to conduct an experiment, or can trackingCallback get triggered to send the tracking event based on the experiment alone? • How are users assigned to experiments? I didn’t find any related endpoint in the API response or SDK’s internal code (I read swift’s SDK), and I’m unsure if the assignment is done locally. Can you clarify this? I’m asking these questions because trackingCallback is not being triggered. Please let me know if you need any further details Looking forward to hearing from you, much appreciated 🙏
Hi Mustafa, 1. feature flags are not required to run an experiment. You can use what we call ‘inline experiments’ or you can just use GrowthBook to report on the results of experiment data in your warehouse 2. Users are assigned using our SDK, you can choose the randomization unit. Assignment is done locally, but you can set the rules for the randomization.
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If tracking callback is not called, some things to check are if you are correctly setting the attribute for that user, and if the experiment rules are loaded before your assigning users
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