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03/22/2023, 8:10 AM
Hi, I'm trying to setup our first visual editor test. The site is a SPA. I'm attempting to use dom mutation to change the text of a stock message for our e-com using the following: selector: html[lang="sv"] div[data-sku="610306"] div.status.out-of-stock Action: set Attribute: html Value: 4 weeks It seems to work, however, it replaces the text in the desired div but will not allow the app to change it back when the user selects a different variant which changes the class of the div from "out-of-stock" to "in-stock" and if the user initially selects a size which sets the div class to "in-stock" the dom mutation does not take hold at all. You can test this here by selecting size 30: Any help would be much appreciated