Hi - We are self-hosting are getting a "Failed to ...
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Hi - We are self-hosting are getting a "Failed to Fetch" error when trying to add a WebHook. Connectivity to the API and Database we are assuming is ok, as we can log in to the Growthbook UI ok, add new features and toggle them on and off. there is northing obvious in the container logs. Is it possible to switch on verbose logging in the container to try and work out what is failing...
hello, can you provide a screenshot of the error you're seeing in the UI? it's not clear if you're having an issue creating the webhook, or if the webhook fails to contact your server.
Hi Tina - here is the screenshot. This is a new environment for us so I am resetting up all of the previous webhooks we had on our other instance. On our other (working) environment, if the webhook cannot fire you get a message to that affect in the UI. But this seems more fundamental and occurs when creating the Webhook. It is puzzling as DB access must be in place as features are created and toggled fine.
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All endpoints are working but for some reason we are getting a 403 on the creation of a webhook, any ideas ?
I am an Admin user btw