Hi, experiment_viewed(exp_id) was not correct. so ...
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Hi, experiment_viewed(exp_id) was not correct. so I added Namespace to avoid conflict. Range was 0-0.5 for one feature and 0.5 to 1 to another. Still I get the incorrect experiment_id which was not even enabled??
I’m a bit confused by your question
I have 2 features. When Im trying to capture the event in one feature, the experiment_viewed or experiment id is the other feature key in the GTM. So I created namespace and allocated 0-0.5 and 0.5-1 to each one. This is not helping to capture correct exp_id.
still don’t know what you’re trying to do
perhaps you can share the code?
experiment ids are passed down from the feature json
when you do assignment, we call trackingCallback()
ok, thank you
Good Morning@fresh-football-47124! I have allocated the range as below for 2 exp/features. It is not working
There are 2 exp buybox and ratings. Buybox contains ratings.On page load I expect the experiment_viewed to be "buybox" but it is "ratings" which is incorrect
any suggestions! Thank you