Hi, I'm using GA4 to collect data, but I didn't ge...
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Hi, I'm using GA4 to collect data, but I didn't get the expected results after following the tutorial. The issue I encountered is that no data was collected in BigQuery, and there was no growth_book_js table as shown in the tutorial. I'm wondering if the tutorial omitted some steps? Is Rudderstack necessary to use GA4?
oh, that’s specific to the project we created for the demo
can you log in to bigQuery console and see what the name of your table is?
I created a schema manually, but there is no data collected
However, there is a table called analytics_337026711 created by BigQuery itself with data automatically collected
The data inside are partitioned by date, I don't have a table that contains all the historical data
that analytics_NNN looks right - did you add the bigQuery link a few days ago?
can you share your tracking callback call?
Yes, but I can not bind the analytics_ table to growthbook
making a db and table in BigQuery isn’t the right way to do it - it will add the table based on the custom event - or should
Is that possible to connect growth book to GA4 without creating a table in BQ?
It is recommended in the doc, but I prefer to do it in the UA way like before
in your tracking callback
you should have a gtag custom event, no?
that will go to GA4, and then be added to BigQuery
I'll have a try, thanks
For me, the first step was to get GA4 set up properly, defining my events / triggers / tags in Google Tag Manager and writing a helper function to send events to GA4. Are you using GTM?