Hello team , we are a double sided marketplace whe...
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Hello team , we are a double sided marketplace where we have different types of users ( customers and workers ) , currently the user id is set for all the users incrementally in the same table , so a specific user id might be a customer or a worker , however we want to only run an experiment to customers, would this affect the splitting in any way while using this user id as the main attribute ? Thanks
you can add a targeting attribute to filter to just one type of user
it should still assign correctly
@fresh-football-47124 so I'm already handling this outside the platform by checking only if feature is on for only customers in case of a customer Experiment for instance so I don't have a filtering issue , but asking if the fact that customer IDs in this case are non incremental should affect assignment? In other words does the variation assignment algorithm expect the user IDs to be incremental to work correctly and not cause ratio mismatch?