Hi all, do youguys have any timeline for integrati...
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Hi all, do youguys have any timeline for integration with Amplitude so I can analyse ab tests on Amplitude? https://docs.growthbook.io/guide#coming-soon
We do support Amplitude - they don’t have an API that lets us use their data directly, but you can use GrowthBook with their data warehouse export
HI @fresh-football-47124, I need both • get cohort data from Amplitude • send impression data to Amplitude Does GrowthBook support both? if possible, would you be able to share the document for our developers to undestand? thanks you in advance 🙂
GrowthBool looks more appealing to me than split.io which has both feature written in their docs. But I need the two features. Hope I can get some advice @fresh-football-47124 :)