Hey folks! We’ve recently integrated the Growthboo...
# contributing
Hey folks! We’ve recently integrated the Growthbook Kotlin SDK into our Android app, which unexpectedly resulted in our app download size almost tripling. The culprit is an overly broad
bundled with the library, spotted by another user and raised as an issue here. This issue has forced us to downgrade the library. It seems this repository doesn’t get much traffic - would you accept a contribution to fix this? Happy to fix up this rule, but equally happy to suggest a solution for a GB dev to adopt
Hi Jamie
sure, that would be appreciated.
or we can do it- whichever you prefer
Sorry for the delay, I’ve whipped up a small PR to resolve the issue https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook-kotlin/pull/54 The rules left behind are still a touch broad, so you may want to have another look at these at some point in the future
nice, thanks for that