hi there - another quick question. for my reportin...
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hi there - another quick question. for my reporting, i want to get a list of all the experiments that are relevant for the page that i am on - such that i can have a quick middleware call that logs the http request and all of the experiments associated with it. there is a simple way to grab all of the experiments / features - the only way i can seem to relate it to pages would be via the tags, i.e. i can tag the experiment with the relevant pages it would affect. but the call to
doesn't seem to return the tags. i fully accept this might not be the most beautiful way of achieving what it is i am wanting to do - is there a way i can configure the UI and / or get the getExperiments / getFeature calls to return information such that i can filter out experiments that are running that are not relevant for the current page?
It seems reasonable for the API requests to return the tags - can you open an issue for this on github?
sure, thanks.