Hi, we started to run into the issue `Please reduc...
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Hi, we started to run into the issue
Please reduce your request rate. (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 503; Error Code: SlowDown;
when setting the
Experiment Auto-Update Frequency
for our experiments. We set the value to 48 hours and now that we have 5 running experiments (we expect this number to grow), we see query errors almost every time on the Auto-Update. Have other users reported similar issues? Do the Auto-Updates trigger all queries in all experiments in parallel? Or are there mechanisms in place to prevent request rate errors?
I'm not sure we've seen similar errors, but we should definitely work on managing the query queue better. Do you have any other data you can share with us about the number of queries you're seeing kick-off at once?
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usually about 10 in parallel - f.e. an experiment with one metric and 9 guardrails seems to run at once, then the next experiment seems to be refreshing...