Any example would be really helpful
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Any example would be really helpful
Hi Vineet - this is possible. You can make a feature anything other than boolean to add multiple variations. GrowthBook can be run on any number of pages. You can see the example repo or docs for some examples - specific examples are hard as GrowthBook can be used in so many ways.
Hi @fresh-football-47124, following up on this, is there any example of how to trigger combination of multiple features and be able to analyse results? For example: • Hero banner with 5 versions of headline • Hero banner with 5 versions of CTA • Test all the possible combinations of the 2 features • Analyse the best combination results
Hi @fresh-football-47124, wonder if you have any feedback on this
I believe we can add multiple feature easily but not sure how we can measure the mix in the experiment tab
Expecting to see an analysis that would give us for example feature A variation 3 + feature B variation 2 performs the best.
typically the winner of each individual test will win when combined
GrowthBook doesn’t currently have a way to do multi variate analysis
but we have it on our roadmap
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