Hi everyone. We are starting to use GrowthBook and...
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Hi everyone. We are starting to use GrowthBook and are wondering if there is an easy way to seed a containerised GrowthBook instance with features, users and sdk credentials. We’d rather not fiddle with the mongodb instance directly and wondered if there are any undocumented APIs, or otherwise recommended methods to achieve this, please?
At the moment, GrowthBook requires a mongo or document db behind it
There might be a way to trick it I guess
I haven’t seen that done before
you can use something like mongo atlas, which should be very easy to add
Thanks for the response Graham. Our use case is that we are using devspace and when the developers run the application stack, including GrowthBook, locally, we’d like the flags to be up to date.
Also potentially in e2e testing
We basically want to be able to automate the population of GrowthBook.
well, the feature flag payload is a json file, which could be hosted anywhere.
Thank you Graham. But I guess there is no way to import flags into a GrowthBook instance, or add features via API?