For the Results table in experiment analysis, the ...
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For the Results table in experiment analysis, the metric column is frozen when you scroll to the right. However the "Risk of Choosing" column and Control column are not. This makes the user have to scroll back and forth to compare different variants to the control and virtually impossible to take good screen shots to compare v2 or v3 to the control easily. It would be super awesome to freeze the metric, risk of choosing and control value columns when scrolling to the right to make comparisons much easier to review/share.
Non issue when it is just the control vs a single variant because everything is right there
Hey Bryan. We're aware our UX with 3+ variations could be improved. I'll add this suggestion to the relevant issue because it could be a quick improvement in the intervening period.
thanks @helpful-application-7107! love the experiment analysis product otherwise. thanks for the work you all have put into it
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