Hello team, any insights about the `"Precondition ...
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Hello team, any insights about the
"Precondition failed"
error in my experiment results? Would be really helpful, thank you in advance.
where are you seeing that?
in the results section of an experiment I just ran, I created another experiment with the same properties but another experiment id on my staging environment and it didn't show this error, now the experiment in the screenshot is on prod and showed me this update error
ran the query on mixpanel's jql query runner and it showed the same error
Keep in mind I ran other experiments with the same Override rules (if that's the case) and they were running without problems
I created a new experiment, faced the same problem, changed the source from production to staging the error was gone, changed it back to prod and it was fixed, did the same with the original experiment the error remained
Turns out it always produces a precondition failed error @fresh-football-47124
the new experiment has it also
precondition failed is a mixpanel error
so perhaps there is a problem with one of the queries
maybe it's one of the events from mixpanel?
yes that's correct, thanks for the help as always 👍
Did you figure it out?
Yes there was a purchase event that I tried to track its revenue using a revenue metric, without it the results are displayed without any errors, I'll check why it fails it