Hi all, with google optimizing sunsetting we are l...
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Hi all, with google optimizing sunsetting we are looking for alternatives for our headless shopify store. How good is GrowthBook ? πŸ™‚
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We’re a bit biased πŸ™‚
Oh yes I know totally πŸ˜„
it is more technical than optimize, but also more powerful
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Hi @brainy-ocean-64416 Something I've noticed is that Growthbook (GB) doesn't seem used much in the CRO/eComm world (yet). Well, at least it is not discussed. I think digital products have taken to it more, at the moment (for feature flagging etc). I've been doing some research and have found a handful of CROs who have positive things to say about using GB (no negatives). One of them is from one of the leading agencies. GB have strong analysis and reporting. If you check Speeros list of tools, they rate GrowthBook as a tool they have lots of experience with. This indicates Speero regard the tool highly, a positive sign. I predict over the next 12 months, many eComm/CROs will move from traditional tools to GB, for the lower pricing and decent functionality. GB have the opportunity to disrupt the AB testing tool space, with lower prices - which is one of their missions. Well worth trialing imo.