Since sometime since 19 hours ago, we're receiving...
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Since sometime since 19 hours ago, we're receiving an error in all of our ClickHouse GrowthBook experiments. No changes were made on our end between then and now and I was wondering if it's due to some update on GrowthBook's side. The error:
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404: Code: 47. DB::Exception: There's no column 'c.user_id' in table 'c': While processing c.user_id: While processing  LEFT JOIN ...  ON c.user_id = m.user_id. (UNKNOWN_IDENTIFIER) (version (altinity build))
Best I can tell, this table has to do with regression adjustment, which we do use:[…]241
Hey John, we landed some changes that might have caused this. We'll look in to it ASAP. Sorry for this.
I assume your unit ID is not
but some other name, right?
Hey @late-teacher-86348, the fix should be live. So sorry about this!
Please let me know if your queries are running now.
It works! Thank you Luke.
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