<@U03GC3G9E8M> we want to do holdout experiments, ...
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@helpful-application-7107 we want to do holdout experiments, can you provide us way of doing it in growthbook. We ran a simple experiment, and it gave us huge uplift, so we want to run experiment longer for 3 months by keeping our control fixed and let traffic flow through treatment.. can we do something like that in growthbook?
There isn't currently a great way to do this if you previously had 100% of traffic in treatment and control. We're looking to support this use case more in the future. For now, if starting from the beginning, you can experiment on 10% of traffic, (5% vs 5%), keep that experiment going, and then just change the default for other users from OFF to ON. Then the experiment stays live but you've released the treatment to 95% of users.
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