Hey! Sorry, I know there’s been a lot of talk abou...
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Hey! Sorry, I know there’s been a lot of talk about the
option but I can’t quite figure it out. Previously, there’s been information around that said it’s only relevant for self hosted instances but it looks like it’s now been updated to work on the cloud instance as well? The documentation suggests that we should include this option in the
args but I’m really not clear on what it does and why it’s needed when we’re not self hosting. I know I misunderstand what it does but I can’t really find any reliable explanation about it. It doesn’t autoRefresh when I change the feature default value or anything like that. If that’s how it works, why is it such an important feature, it doesn’t seem the end of the world that a user sees the feature until they refresh? I know I’m definitely missing something here so would love an explanation if poss! Thank you 😊
@happy-autumn-40938 can clarify - I believe the autoRefresh supports server send events so updates can happen real time even for single page apps- but for the cloud that has to be enabled for your SDK by us currently. We’re just making some changes to the CDN which should allow us let users enable this for their own SDK endpoints.
ohhhhh that’s amazing, that’s the missing piece of the puzzle, thank you so much! Currently moving over from optimise (shiver) to GrowthBook and loving it btw
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like Graham said, it's basically a prerequisite for using streaming updates (SSE). This is enabled for a few beta customers on Cloud currently, but soon all pro + enterprise customers will be able to turn it on per SDK Connection. There are some nuances about how to effectively subscribe to SSE when in a Node/backend context. We'll try to improve the docs and examples for this soon. Meanwhile, happy to explain further if you'd like.
Thank you @happy-autumn-40938, appreciate this! Sorry for the delay, have been away. No need to explain for now because we don’t need autoRefresh but would be amazing for it to be a bit clearer in the docs for the future
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