I am A/B testing the frequency of displaying a don...
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I am A/B testing the frequency of displaying a donation modal in a react/redux app. GrowthBook is set up using GrowthBookProvider from @growthbook/growthbook-react, but the Logic for the modal frequency lives in a redux-saga file. To deliver the test variation to the redux-saga logic, I am calling useFeature when the app loads and setting a related redux state accordingly. That way redux-saga can use the ab-test related state when necessary. Since there is a chance that users might abandon the website before seeing the a/b test, would calling useFeature without showing the a/b test immediately be a bad practice? Recommendations are appreciated.🙏
If anyone else is have the same issue, checkout activation metrics so you "can specify a metric that needs to be present to filter the list of exposed users to just those with that event."