Hey guys. How can I fix flickering issue of a Grow...
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Hey guys. How can I fix flickering issue of a GrowthBook experiment? First, It shows the original version and quickly change into the variation in my experiment. The flickering issue of button text is attached below as a video clip. https://growthbookusers.slack.com/archives/C01T6PKD9C3/p1687419382519659
Flickering is a problem with client side AB testing. There are a few strategies that you can take. One is to make the loading of GrowthBook a blocking call (not ideal). Another is to hide the button initially (or whole page), and show the button (or page) only after the variations load.
We feel that all “anti-flickering” techniques have their pros and cons. We built GrowthBook to be as fast as possible, so even by moving the SDK code higher up on the page rendering loop might be sufficient to stop the flickering.
regarding hiding the page, you can recreate what Google Optimize did with the flicker. Not ideal, but doable.
ya, we probably can - can you open a ticket for this?
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