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07/10/2023, 10:38 AM
Hi all, I have a couple of questions on how Growthbook handles the triggering of the experiment: if I understand correctly from the documentation there is an allocation and then an activation event (activation is optional). 1. Does the splitting engine takes into consideration the activation metric if enabled to keep the split between the two groups consistent and avoid SRM? 2. What "triggers" or rules are available in the experiment? (e.g. Geo, device type etc...) I couldn't find a list on the documentation. 3. Can you use an external data source to add some extra triggering rules? In my case I'd like to use events to determine activation for an experiment. Thanks in advance!


07/11/2023, 8:48 AM
Hi Andrea, 1. the activation metric is not aware of the splitting at all, so it is possible to get SRM errors from this - though we typically rarely see this as the assignment is random, the activation metric should be equally distributed. 2. The triggers, or targeting rules as we call them, are entirely custom. Whatever data is available at the time of assignment can be used. 3. We have this coming very soon with the Proxy, which will allow remote evaluation of flags. Currently to unlock this behaviour you would need to either pass this data down to the SDK level, or make a call to the data yourself. Though if you just want to use it as an activation metric, that is already supported as long as the event is in the same data warehouse as the exposure event.


07/11/2023, 2:03 PM