Hi All. Just started doing a POC for growthbook wi...
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Hi All. Just started doing a POC for growthbook with playwright test automation. 🙂 works really well from my local environment. However once I try to run the tests on CI (Bitbucket) seems like every flag is returned as disabled. Has anyone ever ran into something like this, where the exact same code works locally and flags return the expected value, but in CI they return always as disabled? Done some digging through the Github Issues and seems like I could not find anything.
this can happen if there is a race condition for either the features loading too late, or the attributes not being set. But I’d be curious to hear how you’re using GrowthBook in this situation. We’d also be happy to help you debug
Hi Graham! I got it working by bypassing the SDK fully and just doing a GET to the full API Endpoint. I'm not sure if it's a rece-condition since otherwise with this simple get request it works just fine. The tests we are running are basically self checking growthbook to see if they are enabled or not.