hi, i was told to open an issue wrt to informed pr...
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hi, i was told to open an issue wrt to informed priors and being able to feed the bayesian engine numbers with which to form the prior beta distribution. 3 months later there has been no response, whether it has been accepted, rejected, similar to existing feature... whilst of course i wouldn't necessarily expect that all feature requests would be actioned, packaged & deployed in just 3 months, I would have expected some form of reply as to whether there is intent to accommodate such a feature, and perhaps an indication of the version that it would be a part of, if indeed it was accepted. of course, these are just my assumptions. can you give some guidance as to what would be reasonable expectations in terms of getting an issue developed. Thanks. https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/issues/1233
Sorry about that
@helpful-application-7107 ^
We’ll respond
thank you very much
Sorry for the delay; I responded in the issue. Internally, the deadline for this feature has been on our roadmap for a while, but it has been lower priority than many other issues. Anyways, we can continue the discussion on the issue itself.