Hey all! Considering replacing Google optimize wi...
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Hey all! Considering replacing Google optimize with growthbook and have a couple questions: • We use GA4, GTM, bigquery. Is there a way to attach experiment/variant parameters to the GA4 and custom events we are already firing so we can do our own experiment analyses? • Is it possible to pull in goals/conversions that we have defined in Google Analytics? Similar to how google optimize works? Would be nice to be able to set metrics based on conversion events we've already defined.
Hi Marlin: • Yes, when a user is assigned a variation in GrowthBook, we fire a trackingCallback call which can fire an event to GA4 - so all your data is in one place • If that data is passed to BigQuery, it can be used in any experiment analysis. I’m not sure off the top of my head if Goals are. You can certainly define similar conversion events based on the data in BigQuery
ok thanks for quick response, that helps a lot. I have about a million more questions, but i have a consultation meeting set up for tomorrow so hopefully I can get them answered then