Hi Team! Where or how do I deploy the code from th...
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Hi Team! Where or how do I deploy the code from the test? Without using visual editor?
Hey, Lucas! Are you looking to launch an experiment in your app?
In general, you'll need to create an SDK Connection within your GrowthBook account - that's where you can define your stack, and we provide some starter code that you can add to your app in order to connect to GrowthBook.
but if I need to create a test from zero, using code, where do I put it? I still use SDK?
If you haven't created an experiment, you'll first do so in your GrowthBook account by creating a
and then adding an
Experiment Rule
to it - e.g. split traffic 50/50. And then, using the SDK connection, you can make a call to GrowthBook to get a list of features and bucket users. What stack does your app use? Our docs have some great examples of how to add our SDKs to your app and connect to your GrowthBook account. https://docs.growthbook.io/lib/
Actually I'm an CRO Analyst, and with the google optimize end, we trying to find a new one. We liked that one but in the most of times we create tests from zero, using javascript
Now I know we need to create an experiment, SDK Connection, etc, but where do I put the code that I created to run the test?
Ah - gotcha! Typically, if you have access to the source code of the app you're looking to run experiments on, you'd add the SDK code close to the root element of your application (Something like the
component in React). Alternatively, if you don't have access to the source code, you can add the GrowthBook code to a site via Google Tag Manager. We have a guide on how to do this here.
thank you so much! I really aprecciate it!