> hello - Our user data for our app is stored i...
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hello - Our user data for our app is stored in MongoDB - how can I create metrics with queries against that?
(@fresh-football-47124) Was wondering if you all support MongoDB as a data source
(or planning to)
we don’t support mongo as a data source at the moment
its very unusual to store event based data on mongo
you can set up mongo triggers to export certain data to BigQuery, or use something like dbt for that
its better to have a single source of truth for your event data so all BI tools can share it
actually i see what you mean - better to just have it all in google analytic events and just have our backend send... Our app is in react and I think there may be a good generic analytics package we can use to send events
doesnt have to be sent through GA - but needs to end up in something we can join to