:wave: Hi everyone! Has anyone connected GrowthBoo...
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👋 Hi everyone! Has anyone connected GrowthBook to Snowplow with Databricks backend? The doc mentions "Unfortunately there isn't a specific guide" for either Snowplow or Databricks, but that's what my company uses, any help appreciated.
I have tried to input into Snowplow add datasource panel: • Server Hostname • Url • Token but getting
Failed to fetch
You'd actually want to connect to the backend directly (Databricks) which is what GrowthBook will read for events tracked. The event tracking library (Snowplow) just gives us hints about what tables/columns you're likely to have so we can generate better starter SQL. We have newly-released docs on this if you'd like to give it a try: https://docs.growthbook.io/warehouses/databricks