Hello, we're using Google SSO for GrowthBook self-...
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Hello, we're using Google SSO for GrowthBook self-hosted, I was wondering if there's a way to make SSO optional? i.e. being able to have some users on SSO but some password users as well. When signing out and in again we get redirected to the Google Auth page directly
Unfortunately not, locking into SSO-only or email/pass-only is by design. It's a common SaaS paradigm and improves app security. Is there a reason you aren't able to use SSO across the board?
There's a few users we will would like to have the flexibility of using passwords for (no Google accounts associated with them). We're able to do this in Snowflake. From this PR I was hoping setting the
field, or
, at the Mongo organization object was an option https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/pull/466
Perhaps you can file an issue on github. Our team can then discuss and see whether it's something we'd be willing to support in the near to mid term. Meanwhile, would you be able to provide a google account for these users?