Hey guys, I'm trying to use GA4 with BQ as databa...
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Hey guys, I'm trying to use GA4 with BQ as database in Growthbook, but I'm having this error before start the experiment. I think that the error could be the table events* we use a wildcard, so it's different, but I do not know how to change this. Anyone knows how could I fix this?
is this a new data source?
did you add the project id and dataset id?
you can edit that query from metrics & data -> data sources
Sorry my late, Graham! I solved the last problem with your help, but now, I got this message when I try to run an experiment again. Maybe this could be set in a different part of our project, but I didn't realize where.
where 'my_dataset' is defined?
I'm setting both fields in dataset screen.
editing them after you’ve created the data source, won’t udate the sql queries
so you’ll have to edit it in the assignment query sections
So I need to create the metrics from 0 or a new experment?
I create the metrics again, but still get this message
yes, that doesnt look right
what is the query?
the project id and dataset id usually have numbers
do you have access to bigQuery?
Yes. When I click to see the schema, I can see without problems
I create my experiment and when I go to see the results with the metrics choosed, I got this
the schema browser uses the settings in the connection info
but each query will have <project id>.<dataset id>.events_* in it
and in your case, those values are wrong either in the metric query, or the assignment query
(or both)