What does this mean? Prevents in what circumstance...
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What does this mean? Prevents in what circumstances?
Hi, I'm looking into this, let me get back to you
Depending on your configuration, SDK endpoints can sometimes be tied to a project. If a FF switches between projects, it can get excluded
Isn't it dependent only on whether the feature is in the project? The experiment could be in any/no project without any impact right?
I was changing the experiment's project in this case
reason being that we have a project basically for "core logic" features - things needed to run the system, that must never be deleted, but then we run experiments to try things on them
e.g. a core logic feature might be "course program", and an experiment might be "try using the microcourses program"
Are you using SDK Connections that are scoped to specific projects? Or do you use one that includes all features in all projects?
Actually, looking at it, I think that warning message is a little misleading. You're right that features are not affected by the experiment's project. We still want to warn about Visual Editor changes, but we can take mentions of "Feature Flags" out of that warning
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We do use a project-scoped SDK connection in one specific case, but usually no