Hi! When running queries in an experiment with the...
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Hi! When running queries in an experiment with the date dimension, is there a possibility to copy the result of a query in 'View Queries'? You can copy the query ran by GrowthBook but not the result, so if i want to do an analysis using the result i have to re-run the query in my data warehouse which is unnecessary - is there a way to easily copy the result?
Hey, Elsa! We do offer the ability to export the experiment results as a Jupyter Notebook - would that suffice for what you're looking for? If not, can you confirm the format of the output you'd expect?
Hi! I would more mean to be able to copy to clipboard or export as a CSV file or something similar to be able to paste into google sheets in order to plot and analyse that way! But if that is possible doing using the Jupyter Notebook i will look into that solution. I think the easiest way would be to have a copy button just like the one you have for the query above 🙂
Definitely makes sense. Let me double check that doesn't exist today and I just don't know about it (completely possible, ha). If not, I can create a GitHub issue for this and tag you on it. 🙂
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Hey, Elsa! Good news - the export to CSV option does exist. I checked a few of my demo experiments, and didn't see it, so I assumed it didn't exist. But, so long as the experiment has results, you should see the
Export CSV
option when clicking on the
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Oh i completely missed that too, thanks for your help! 😄