Hi, not sure if this a bug, or if I doing somethin...
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Hi, not sure if this a bug, or if I doing something wrong (on GB Cloud) When I start a experiment, I can see the updated experiment details on https://cdn.growthbook.io/api/features/sdk-[APIKEY] Now, when I manually Stop the experiment ("Not Finished"), the experiment details on https://cdn.growthbook.io/api/features/sdk-[APIKEY] do not update, they are still there set to "running". Only when I change the experiment details (e.g. change percentage split) and republish, these changes are updated in the payload (now "running" of course). So it generally seens to work, just the stop trigger doesn't seem to take effect. Haven't tested what happens when the experiment ends by itself. That means the variation seems to keep being delivered (tested with console.log), even when I stopped the experiment. Tested it a few times and could reproduce it.
Is this a new experiment? I know we did a lot of changes here, and new experiments should be linked to the feature flag, so turning off the experiment should change the rule. @future-teacher-7046 do I have this correct?
Yes, the experiments were created today and yesterday (GMT+2)
Btw, even deleted experiments still stayed in the payload until a new experiment was set live or updated