Hi all! I’m adding Data Sources to GrowthBook, usi...
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Hi all! I’m adding Data Sources to GrowthBook, using BigQuery • Is it better to create new data source for every dataset in BigQuery I want to use? Because I have to select specific dataset when connecting a new data source. It turns out that I need to create multiple data sources to use several datasets in BigQuery? • What is the frequency with which metrics are updated, and thus scripts are run with a connection to BigQuery during the experiment (when the experiment is active)? Is it once a day, and data is pulled from BigQuery only for 1 day?
Hi Aksinia - Most people use one data source, sometimes two. You shouldn’t need to keep adding data sources, are they date partitioned? For metrics, they are updated as part of the experiment refreshes, which happen by default every 6 hours, but you can adjust that
Thank you! If not to create multiple Data Sources, then I should create one Data Source to the entire BigQuery Project ID, not the exact Dataset, right?
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