Ahoi <@U01T6HCHD0A> and <@U01TCPDB58C>, the Growth...
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Ahoi @fresh-football-47124 and @future-teacher-7046, the GrowthBook documentation page is down with 402 payment required. Can you bring it up again, please? Alternatively, is there a locally renderable version available as well? FYI @adventurous-dream-15065
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Sorry about that. Yes a local one is available. If you checkout out repo, you can
cd docs
and run
yarn dev
then see the docs on localhost:3200.
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Hopefully we can get the docs site back up in the next few hours.
Sorry about that. The docs are back up now
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Thanks! Looks like GrowthBook is growing fast enough to not fit into a “hobby plan” any more 😉