Still having big problems with old data sources/me...
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Still having big problems with old data sources/metrics, that have been severely exacerbated by the new experiments system Context: we originally used Growthbook directly with Mixpanel (and our very oldest archived experiments are set to it), but moved to BigQuery We archived all the Mixpanel metrics (and seemingly these are now entirely invisible in the metrics list?), but it won't let us delete the Mixpanel data source, and there's no concept of archiving It was super annoying but not that big a deal - we just renamed it to
zzz do not use: Mixpanel
, though sadly it still appears first and is the default But with the new experiments system, every single experiment gets assigned to it automatically. Every single one requires our staff to go in and realize it's wrong and to update it, and if they don't, the results will be wrong/confusing Please could this be fixed somehow? Archiving data sources, or allowing us to delete the metrics, or setting a default source or something
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HI James. We do have a way to select your default data source under Settings at the very bottom
We are aware of the bug where archived metrics disappear and are working on a fix for that (a "View Archived" toggle on the metrics page)
ah, when was the default added? I think it might not have existed when we asked about this originally
thank you 🙂
That definitely seems to help, but it doesn't select the experiment assignment table unfortunately