We've just found that one of our SDK connections' ...
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We've just found that one of our SDK connections' project filter has disappeared? Caused quite a major bug for all users visiting our site. Has anyone else seen anything like that? ID sdk_19g61pldef9nwj (I have since re-set the project filter)
If this was a bug on GB's side, we could do with knowing exactly when it happened so we can identify the downtime impact
Yes, looking at it now. We should have migrated all of the old projects settings over to the new format
not sure why that didn't happen
Ok, found the bug and have a fix being deployed in a few minutes. https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/pull/1869
All of the old project settings should be restored now. Sorry about that. Our local testing of that PR didn't account for some production-specific MongoDB settings. We'll make changes to our CI/CD pipeline to test for this going forward to avoid any other issues like this in the future.
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Thank you for sorting this 🙂 One quick concern - the Growthbook JS SDK has client-side caching in place (with localstorage). Do you know how long their TTL is, or how the cache can be busted for all uses of the SDK key? It seems that some of our users are still having the problem as of a few mins ago 😬
I guess worst-case I could just make a new SDK connection, but I wonder if this is affecting any other Growthbook tenants too
We use local storage cache to initialize the SDK, but if the cached data is more than 60 seconds old, we then do a network request to refresh it.
One thing you could do is change the cache key to wipe out any old data.
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import {configureCache} from "@growthbook/growthbook";

  cacheKey: "gbFeaturesCache",
here is the default value, so if you change it to something else, it will essentially reset everyone to an empty cache
Just make sure to call
before creating your GrowthBook instance
ahh we were triggering a redirect after ~50ms, so seems likely it was just never able to update the cache We're removing our "no code redirect" setup for now, it's a bit too risky really
Thanks 🙂