Hello Everyone! In case you didn’t see the email/b...
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Hello Everyone! In case you didn’t see the email/blog post, we just release GrowthBook version 2.6 🚀 Here is a look at some of the new features: • Easier Installation on Low-Code Platforms - Now with a single script you can start experimenting with our visual editor on platforms like Shopify and Webflow (info on Shopify and Webflow) • Custom Pre-Launch Checklists for Experiments - Maintain consistency and best practices with pre-launch checklist. Define fields that need to be completed before an experiment can be pushed live. This is an enterprise feature: read more hereSaved Groups Improvements - We revamped Saved Groups and made them a first-class citizen for targeting feature flags and experiments to your users (Read about it here) • Teams - You can now organize your GrowthBook users into teams, each with their own set of permissions. Teams are an enterprise feature (More teams info) • Stale Feature Flag Detection - There is a new “Stale” column on the Features page that will highlight any features that we think are good candidates to be cleaned up (More info) • Feature Flag Drafts Refactor - We reworked how the drafts work to allow for proper versions of features, and easier rollbacks. • Multiple Project SDK Connections - Your SDK connections can now support multiple projects, allowing for greater targeting of your features to your product • Visual Editor improvements • View absolute and scaled impact on experiment results - You can now toggle between absolute result values, or scaled values (percentages, which is the current default) And lots of other bug fixes and improvements. You can read about it on our blog post: https://medium.com/growth-book/growthbook-version-2-6-3d8be6712ea6 or on the GitHub page: https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/releases/tag/v2.6.0. If you’re on our Cloud, you already have all these changes.
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If I switch from tag manager to a native webflow implementation, should I restart my test?
it shouldn’t matter- you can always create a new phase should you see something odd in the data.
What do you think about redirect test feature improvements? Will it be available anytime soon?
Yes, we’re working on this now
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