Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! :champagne: We hav...
# announcements
Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! 🍾 We have just released version 2.7. Here are some of the new features we've added. • Sticky Bucketing for JS SDK users. Sticky Bucketing allows you to remember the first variation a user sees, so their experience will remain consistent, even if something changes that would otherwise re-assign them. This is an opt-in feature. (Read the docs) • Reusable Targeting Conditions. Just like the saved groups, you can now save targeting conditions to make targeting new features to previously targeted users easier. (docs) • Huge improvements to the fact table queries. For our enterprise customers, we've greatly improved the efficiency of queries when using fact tables. (blog post about it) • All experiment reports now have a health tab. You can see SRM warnings and other information about the health of your experiment. (docs) • Safely Update Live Experiments. Changing a live experiment mid-flight is much more complicated than many people realize. This feature guides you some of the issues and helps you make the right decision for your experiment. Read the blog post about this featureNew Best Practices Guide. We've added a new section to our documentation site which contains guides on experimentation in general and chapters specifically on how to get the most out of GrowthBook. Link • Contextual AI bot for helping you answer your questions, trained on all our documentation and systems. And lots of other bug fixes and improvements, Okta SCIM improvements, and more. You can read about it on our blog post: https://medium.com/growth-book/new-growthbook-version-2-7-ea4d0e8c2ed6 or on our GitHub: https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/releases
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Awesome news, thanks for sharing! Btw when are you planning to release the native redirect interface feature? I`m sure I heard about it with the next release a few months ago