Hi I think the cloud version have downtime now. Ca...
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Hi I think the cloud version have downtime now. Can you take a look?
Everything looks fine on our end as far as downtime and infrastructure goes. It's possible you are running into a bug specific to that modal you are using.
Are you able to see any more info in your browser console about that error?
now it works, it's second time when it happen. Here is my previous message https://growthbookusers.slack.com/archives/C01T6Q1SVFV/p1708462097246869
And currently I'm experiencing the same error (it looks like everyday afternoon European time)
this error appears for all save operations
Hmm, it's possible we have a CORS misconfiguration somewhere. I'll see if we're able to reproduce this and figure out what's going on. It's strange the errors appear to happen inconsistently.
@future-teacher-7046 any progress? I can't remove feature flags 😞