Hi Everyone :wave: We just released GrowthBook 2.9...
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Hi Everyone 👋 We just released GrowthBook 2.9. You may have seen the email, but if you haven’t here is a summary of the changes: • URL Redirect Testing - One of our most requested features recently. GrowthBook now supports URL redirect AB tests direct from the UI. This feature requires the JavaScript, React, or new HTML Script Tag SDK. View the docs here. • Approval Flows - Similar to GitHub, you can now require that changes to features require approval before changes are pushed live. You’ll also see a new section on features: ‘drafts’. Read more on our docs. • Quantile Metrics - We’re proud to announce that GrowthBook is the first experimentation platform to fully support Quantile metrics. You can now report on things like P99 Latency, Median purchase price, and even use quantiles for decomposition deep dives! You can read more about this (as well as a technical deep dive) on our docs. (Quantile metrics are available to all Pro/Enterprise customers and support all data sources except for MySQL and Mixpanel) • Project-scoped Attributes and Environments - You can now define attributes and environments with projects, to help keep your install of GrowthBook organized. Plus, when combined with project-scoped roles, you now have fine-grained control over exactly who is able to manage which attributes and environments. • New HTML Script Tag SDK - There’s a brand new GrowthBook SDK available, perfect for all low-code websites (Webflow, Shopify, Wordpress, and more) that gives you full support for our Visual Editor, new URL Redirect tests, and even Feature Flags! No configuration required (although you are welcome to change the configuration). Check out the docs here! Plus we’ve added a new and Improved webhooks with Slack/Discord support, a new and improved LaunchDarkly importer, and many other changes you can read about here or on our blog. If you’d like a tour of these new features, be sure to join us at our office hours: https://growthbookusers.slack.com/archives/C01T6PKD9C3/p1712165862072689
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