When setting up a new experiment linked to a featu...
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When setting up a new experiment linked to a feature flag there is a point just prior to starting the experiment where our team is frequently getting tripped up on the labels shown in the UI. • When on the feature page the the "Rules and Values" section has a label "live". • But then when looking at the rule set itself it has a warning "The experiment is in a draft state and has not been started yet. This rule will be skipped." • Then on the experiment page under "Linked Features" it says "live" with a tick next to our Production environment. • But overall the experiment is in draft, so nothing is actually truly live yet. I guess where we are getting tripped up is that all these places uses the same terminology "live" when something like "ready" or "current" would probably be more appropriate. There have been a few occasions of someone panicking that they accidentally made a new feature go live before it was ready, only to realise the experiment was still in a draft state so nothing was properly live-live yet.