Hey Team, I was working at this bug: <BUG> I am ha...
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Hey Team, I was working at this bug: BUG I am having issues in replicating the bug. I want to know how to assign a user global no-access role. The list of roles which I can see is:
+ Adding Was able to view the no-access role by manually adding true to one of the permissions. Now to solve this bug we can do these things: Check the role of user, and if the role of user is no-access in the get API of Personal token and then manipulate. OR Change the role so that we give this role some permissions. Would like some guidance in approaching this problem, as this will be my first PR to the project.
or @future-teacher-7046?
Hey @fresh-football-47124, Thanks @billions-xylophone-11752 @future-teacher-7046 I want to confirm this thing. Does all the user irrespective of the role should be able to see their Personal Access Token?
If that is the case: Then we can show the key the user owns irrespective of the role.
Hey, Akash! Sorry - I missed the original notification. Yes, your understanding is correct - all users, regardless of the role, should be able to see the personal access tokens they have created. It looks like we're filtering all keys based on the user's read access level within
, but if the key is a personal access token, we shouldn't filter it out, even if the user's global role is
Got it will raise a PR for the fix.
Hey team, Had raised a fix for the the issue - PR Would love your feedback. Thanks
@billions-xylophone-11752 I have fixed the PR i.e. added strict equality. Please review it once more.
Can we get this PR merged @billions-xylophone-11752?