Hi <!everyone> As the GrowthBook project turns 3 t...
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Hi <!everyone> As the GrowthBook project turns 3 this month 🎂, we’re pleased to announce GrowthBook 3.0! This release has a lot of huge new features: • Edge SDKs - This is a game-changer. We’ve developed SDKs that seamlessly integrate with your CDN Edge, allowing you to conduct experiments directly on edge workers. With dedicated SDKs for Cloudflare Workers, Lambda@Edge, Fastly Compute, and others, you can now run client-side tests (including visual editor tests, URL redirects, and feature flags) without any of the typical issues they have including ad blocks and flickering. How cool is that? You can let your team create visual experiments and run them without any of the flashing/flickering or performance impacts. Explore the documentation for Cloudflare, Fastly, Lambda, and other Edge platforms to see how easy it is to use. • Bayesian Priors and CUPED - We reworked our Bayesian statistics engine to support increased accuracy, support for priors, and CUPED variance reduction. You can read more about the Bayesian changes on our blogCustom Roles - A long-awaited enterprise feature, you can now define custom roles with exactly what permissions they can or cannot have and then assign those roles to users or teams. This feature empowers you to tailor roles to your team's specific needs. View the Custom Role docs for more details. • OpenFeature Support - We’re excited to join the OpenFeature ecosystem with an official GrowthBook Provider! This initial release adds support for the Web and React SDKs, but we plan to add providers for all supported languages soon, so stay tuned! • Experiment Slack/Discord Alerts - We’ve added experiment warning alerts for when there are errors, or warnings with your experiments • JSON Feature Flag Editor - You can now define exactly what fields you want to pass with the feature flags and get a user friendly UI with full validation. • New Next.js Examples - We’ve updated our Next.js examples to include all the new rendering strategies available with the Next 14 App Router. We show how to use GrowthBook inside of React Server Components, how to integrate with the built-in fetch cache (with webhook revalidation), plus a powerful hybrid strategy that lets you do client-side feature flagging without any client-side network requests! Check out the new App Router examples, along with our updated Pages Router examples. • SDK Updates - The GrowthBook team and community have been hard at work creating and improving our SDKs. We’ve added a new React Native SDK, completely refreshed the Elixir, GoLang, and C# SDKs, and improved the Java, Python, Ruby, JS, React, Flutter, Swift, and Kotlin SDKs. You can read more details of this release on our new blog or on our GitHub.
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Hi @fresh-football-47124 I’m wondering-- which if any of these new features is Enterprise only?
I believe Custom roles and the JSON flag editor UI
Here is a quick overview of why the edge SDKs are so cool:


I switched our setup to match the Next.js example for server side rendering last and it simplified the code a lot. I also looked at the the examples for scenarios involving client components and I think the quality is really good and it nicely explains how one is supposed to set it up (it can be a bit tricky to understand where exactly to do what with Next.js...). 🙏
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Do we have any documentation on how to use the JSON feature flag editor? I was under the impression this was an Enterprise feature
Oh ya, the JSON editor is part of the Enterprise too. You can access it by adding a JSON schema validator.
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love the edge sdk support 😄
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Hi guys, are there any breaking changes that I should pay attention to in this latest release for self-hosted applications?
we take care to make changes backwards compatible should be fine to upgrade - the one exception is if you use legacy webhooks, there are some changes there that we've fixed on the latest branch
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Bayesian priors is BIG! Thanks, team!!