Hey team! I discovered a bug when changing the tra...
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Hey team! I discovered a bug when changing the traffic rollout for a running experiment. How to reproduce: 1. Open feature flag with a current running experiment (A/B test with 20% traffic rollout) 2. Click "Edit" on the experiment rule 3. Click edit icon on "Targeting and Traffic" 4. On "What do you want to change?" select "Traffic Percent" 5. Click "Next" 6. Change traffic to 50% 7. Click "Next" 8. Confirm on the warning callout 9. Click "Publish Changes" 10. Click "Save" 11. This creates a draft, but I'm unable to Review and Publish the draft ("Draft is identical to live version") even though changes to traffic percent are made I've managed to work around the bug by: 1. Copying the new rule with updated traffic allocation from "Production" to "Development" environment 2. Delete the updated rule from the "Production" env 3. Then copy the updated rule with the correct traffic rollout from "Development" to "Production" env 4. Review and publish Would be great to fix this, as we typically roll out A/B tests incrementally by traffic!
Looking closer at it now, it seems like I can discard the draft, but the updated traffic percent is still applied. This is pretty confusing as the UI suggest that all changes are first stored as drafts before publishing 🤔
We're working on some clarifications / redesigns to make this easier and more transparent. That said, all attributes (targeting, rollout percentage, etc) of a linked experiment are not managed by the parent feature and its draft/revision control. Instead, these properties are actually managed in the experiment itself, which is not under any sort of revision control.
Got it! As a first step, not creating the empty draft would result in a lot less confusion I think