Hi @here If we want to do sampling based on gender...
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Hi @here If we want to do sampling based on gender and the population on gender is not equal for example total population = 1000 male = 900 female = 100 What is the chance that female will randomize equally if we have 50/50 split of two variations?
you would expect to have 90/10 split in each variation if your a/b test is random
due to the small sample size, there might be some variation there, you could plot the probabilities of this is you need.
Yes, I am more concerned like female should divide in each variation as per 50/50 split. I am thinking like it will be not happened like 80 females in 1 variation and 20 in other.
@handsome-library-89124 couldn’t you have two different samplings then? One for males and one for females?
and split those up 50/50
Yes, thats is another way but still for small data size its bit difficult.