I’m a little unclear on what the best way to confi...
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I’m a little unclear on what the best way to configure an ‘Average Order Value’ is?
If I configure it to be
then won’t I end up the the ‘average order value per user’ rather than the ‘average order value’?
It is unclear to me how to set up an actual AOV metric 🤔
I suppose the issue here is that I’d like to set up a metric which isn’t per user but is actually per order. Is that possible in GrowthBook currently?
Or is it something which could be easily added? It poses quite a problem for us as Avg Order Margin, Avg Order Value, Avg Items Per Order are quite common metric types
We're still working on full support for that. Our v1 release of ratio metrics requires the analysis unit for the denominator to be the same as the experiment (so you can't split traffic by user and analyze a per-order metric). We're adding the ability soon to have a different unit in the denominator. It's a little more complicated since it requires variance correction.
Until then, instead of a true AOV metric, you could do "average value per purchaser". Basically sum order values for each user (if they have multiple orders) and then set the denominator to only include purchasers. If users typically only have 1 order, then it's going to be very close to AOV.
Makes sense! There is clearly a lot of improvements to be made across the board but that is my experience so far with other up and coming AB testing platforms too. This feels pretty valuable to me, however, as as far as I can tell it is the only way in which GrowthBook is less flexible than Eppo in terms of metric definitions.
Does GrowthBook have a public roadmap? Do you think it would be useful to let your paying customers and the wider community vote on features?
We don't have a public roadmap right now. Have you found any good tools for this that allow voting? Right now we just keep track of feature requests from Slack and customer calls manually
I believe you can enable voting on Trello
@future-teacher-7046 https://growthbookusers.slack.com/archives/C01T6PKD9C3/p1661431252289519?thread_ts=1661423002.056599&cid=C01T6PKD9C3 Heya, We’re just concluding our PoCs with GrowthBook and Eppo and GrowthBook is definitely the ‘leader’. However, this issue is (along with the multiple exposures work I see you’re working on at the moment) increasingly becoming the most significant barrier to us committing to roll out GrowthBook Cloud within the business. Do you have any estimates on when this feature might be available?
@future-teacher-7046 are you able to shed any light on when this feature might be coming?
I'm finishing up a metric conversion window project now - https://github.com/growthbook/growthbook/pull/479 Next thing on my list is support for different denominator units for ratio metrics. I don't have a good sense of the full scope of that project yet, but I suspect it will take around 2-3 weeks to launch