Anyone have issues with multiple accept origin hea...
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Anyone have issues with multiple accept origin headers being sent from a self hosted solution
Hi Grant, what is your APP_ORIGIN setting?
you can also set the environment variable: CORS_ORIGIN_REGEX
I'm going to have to wait for my coworker to get back to me with access credentials to the server. I will reply tomorrow.
Thank you so much for the quick response. I really appreciate it
@fresh-football-47124 APP_ORIGIN:
And I get two response headers for Access-Control-Allow-Origin
@fresh-football-47124 I don't see the CORS_ORIGIN_REGEX variable in the docs. What would this do for me in this situation?
well, depends a bit on where the other header is coming from
are you running self hosted growthbook in docker?
the CORS_ORIGIN_REGEX is added to the APP_ORIGIN when determining the CORS headers
but it should be a comma separated list, not two headers.
Self hosted in docker
APP_ORIGIN is But its also sending an origin header of '*' which is confusing