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@future-teacher-7046 I wanted to chat about how should I go about a comment you left in the design doc
Another “nice to have” feature is support for projects. You can create multiple projects in GrowthBook and scope both the webhooks and API endpoint to only include features in a specific project. For example, you might have front-end and back-end features in separate projects and want to have a separate features JSON for each. This proxy server should ideally be able to cache and serve both.
I'm not sure if we already have an API to actually separate based on project. But if we wanted to have it as a config where endpoint depends on what api key you have, it'd work. Current approach I'm taking is that this service takes a config that's API Key and keeps the data in it and serves when asked for. And in next version, I was thinking about adding websocket support 🙂
The API has an optional
querystring parameter that limits the returned list of features to a specific project - https://docs.growthbook.io/app/api#project-scoping So a company could in theory have 10 different feature lists that they use for different things. Not critical to support, especially not in the first version.
in that case do you recon they'd deploy 1 instance of this service per project? or 1 service would support all the projects?
but this one I'm not sure if webhook already supports?
yeah, you're right. Webhooks don't support that right now, so maybe just ignore projects for the time being.
alright 🙂