Does updating the active attributes mark the end o...
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Does updating the active attributes mark the end of an experiment? or will events after attribute changes still apply to previously viewed experiments? To be more specific: we have an Add to Cart metric that we are using in an experiment that is only visible on certain products. Every page view changes the
attribute. We are wondering - does the Experiment Analysis of Add to Cart include any Add to Cart that occurs after the experiment has been viewed, or only if the Add to Cart occurred on the same route?
When deciding which metric conversions to include in an experiment analysis, the only things we use are user ids and timestamps. If the metric conversion happened after the user saw the experiment (within the conversion window), it's included.
You could create a new one-off metric for this experiment that is basically a copy of your global "Add to Cart" metric, but adds an additional WHERE clause to limit to specific routes
How does that play with the attribution model? It looks like the All Exposures model implies that the same experiment for the same user can result in multiple outcomes, if the experiment is triggered multiple times