Is there a way to filter the metric query based on...
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Is there a way to filter the metric query based on the experiment name? we store all our conversions in a single table inside BigQuery, so ideally I’d like the metric query to be like
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select user_id, value, timestamp
from metric_table
where experiment_name = '{{ experimentName }}'
So that I can just use one Metric for all experiments. Right now it seems I need to duplicate the metric for each experiment since I can’t templatise it based on the experiment name, but not sure if I’m missing something.
We have the ability to do multi-metrics from one query on our roadmap.
I don’t believe we can do that yet without reproducing the query
Thanks for the confirmation. Out of curiosity do you have a publicly available roadmap on what’s coming in the next releases?
We have some of it on github
but we’re going to be improving that soon
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Most companies don't attach an experiment id to metrics in their database since that requires you to constantly change your metric tracking code every time you add a new experiment, increasing dev cost and data reliability. Instead, most companies tend to track more general events that are applicable to many experiments. For example, "Completed checkout" or "Viewed signup form". Sometimes you will need an experiment-specific metric, but that tends to be the exception and not the norm.
That actually describes our situation here quite accurately. We also have metrics that apply generally to (almost) all cases, but there are a few use cases where we need to track the conversion for those specific experiments. So they are indeed exceptions… and I’m trying to find the simplest way to manage them.
Ok, that makes sense. Right now duplicating metrics is your best option. I created a GitHub Issue for a better way to handle one-off metrics like these -